Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When creative inspiration doesn't work

It's funny how things often come full circle.
Last year I bought some fabric with the intention of making an infinity scarf, but when I got it home I had a change of heart. I had recently seen a picture of a striped maxi dress online and loved it so much that I decided to use the fabric to make a maxi dress instead. It turned out great and I wore it once or twice but to tell you the truth I always felt a bit too conspicuous when I wore it.
So, last week, I decided to turn it back into what it was originally meant for.
And I haven't taken it off since.
Sometimes last minute inspiration can sometimes be a game-changer, but other times you just need to accept that although something might be fabulous online and seem to tick all the right boxes, it might not be fabulous for you. 
Be inspired, but always stay true.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Most treasured possession

It's been awhile since I've done this kind of thing, but today I wrote a guest-post over at Grow Mama. Anissa has started a lovely series where she has invited bloggers to share their most treasured possessions and she was kind enough to ask me.
I really actually had to think about it!
But now I'm all curious...what would you consider to be your most treasured possession?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

2014 Tiny Eyes Winter Collab dolls and designers

For my Winter Collab this year I have partnered with children. The design pictured is the work of Jannelle's talented daughter, Sadie.
If you're interested in seeing the other five dolls and their designers, and generally keeping up to date with the progress you are welcome to follow along over at the Needle & Nail blog.
They are really so delightful and creative - exactly what I'd hoped for.

Monday, July 14, 2014

I can't believe...

...I have done 3 posts in one week (that's what a break from Instagram will do to you!)
...our garlic is already so tall! (80 plants all up)
...our daffodils are too!
...that these pics are taken mid-morning on a Monday...and JR is gardening with the kids. (I hope this work from home thing lasts a really long time.)
...how many hours I spent searching for the perfect font for our new website (I found it, btw, but it was too $$...)
...how supportive people have been of our little family and business.
...that I am using my camera in manual more often than auto now (these are practice pics - be kind)
...it's almost time to get some seedlings going for our summer garden. (What are your staples?)
...that Danny is eating a raw brussels sprout (shhh! no one tell him it's good for him).....>>

I hope your days are just as unbelievable...
Enjoy the last week of the school holidays! xx

Friday, July 11, 2014

The boy cardi

Well, thank you for your generous display of solidarity on my last post.
I'll pop in every once in awhile when I have an especially stunning picture of my babies, a motherhood learning moment or something I've made to show off. Like this boy-cardi, for example.
With having four boys, we have mountains of hoodies. Grey hoodies, bright hoodies, holey hoodies, striped hoodies, ripped hoodies... All kinds of hoodies.
I'm kind of bored of hoodies. (Are you?)
So I made a cardi.
Things I learnt:
 1. You will expect this to take 90 mins tops, but if you attempt to sew this while your small people are awake (like I did) it will take you approximately twelve hours.
2. There really is a gap in the NZ market for awesome sweatshirting fabric.
3. Sweatshirting fabric is expensive. But if your small person is 6 or younger you will only need 1/2 metre of fabric.
4. Boys look great in cardis!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Blog Elephants

Personally, I can think of more comfortable spots for reading, but whatever floats your boat.
Speaking of reading, I recently read my first novel in ages - Water for Elephants. I'm no book critic but I thought she nailed the elderly-man perspective. It's stuck with me.
And speaking of elephants, shall we talk about that big one in the room? Or just keep tapping the keys on the keyboard as if this blog is actually still a thing?

The dee*construction blog boat is only just floating.
So here's a quick questionnaire:
1. Does anyone even read blogs anymore?
2. Does anyone even read *this* blog anymore?!
3. I am too old for wardrobe posts, have little crafting time and no longer have cute little babies to show off - what is left?
4. Exactly how much dust did you have to wade through to read this post?
5. Do you have an elephant-in-the-room when you blog, too?
6. And do you also like to perch like a roosting hen when you read?

/cue crickets chirping...

Happy school holidays!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

{Restyle} Adding your personality to basics

Recently, on an entirely unethical, but affordable, shopping trip to Kmart I stocked up on much needed winter trackies and sweaters for the boys.
They were plain and begging to be changed up, and although restyling is nothing new to me, I've never restyled a NEW item of clothing before. 
Perhaps I have a problem....
(see the way I used 'perhaps' as if it's open to question? heh)

Here are a few of the changes I made (just imagine the grey pants down there are black):

Whether it's something as simple as adding some elbow patches or as dramatic as changing the sleeve colour, I think restyling basics is a cool way to personalise your kids' clothes without making them from scratch.
Also, I kind of like knowing that no one else in the world will be wearing the same clothes as these kiddos.
Seriously, cute.